After three generations of high-quality motor oils, it is time for modern and innovative progress with our new manager : Robin Vermeiren 

Denicol was founded in 1890 by Henri Denies, selling petroleum to be used in petrol lamps. In the 20th century, the rise of the automobile industry meant a significant step forward for Denicol. The third generation was at work since 1975. At the end of 2015 Jan Denies passed the helm of Denicol to our current manager Robin Vermeiren. 
A new fresh breeze was blown into our company by Robin, adding a modern and innovative approach to the existing knowledge and knowhow. 
For many years Robin has been a loyal customer through his own company in maintenance and repairing excavators and forklifts. Robin also knew Denicol Motor Oils for more than 20 years through his motor cross career. 

Over the years Denicol Motor Oils grew into a major producer of high-quality oil, as well national as by exporting its products to European countries. 
Denicol has a wide product range for motorcycles, bicycles, agricultural, industrial, automotive and truck industry. As a Belgian oil brand, Denicol has built a particularly strong reputation in motor cross. We have the perfect lubricant range to the highest standard of competition, both two and four stroke. Denicol has several world titles to its credit, as there are Jacky Martens, Joël Smets, Tony Cairoli, Kristers Sergis, Clément Desalle, Jordi Tixier and Pauls Jonass, as well in various individual classes as in sidecar motor cross world championship with Etienne Bax and Nicolas Musset. Moreover, our red logo is accustomed to racing success with KTM machinery after previous partnerships with the KTM 500 cc factory team, LS Honda, JM Nestaan Racing, STR-KTM, Ice One Racing and more recently (in 2017) Standing Construct KTM during the MXGP. 
The level of several teams that have already chosen for Denicol products in the past and the high level of product quality guaranteed a perfect combination. 

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