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air filter cleaner
air filter cleaner 5 liter pris 345:-


Special cleaner for Foam Air Filters
Description Air Filter Cleaner is the ideal cleaning product for all foam filters.
Easy to use, this cleaning product is the solution for the rapid removal of sand and dirt,
Before oiling the filter with Air Filter Fluid.
Manual: Immerse the filter element in Air Filter Cleaner. Clean it thoroughly by squeezing
several times to remove the cleaning product and any residue.
Rinse the cleaned filter thoroughly in water. Squeeze out as much water as possible and leave
to dry.
Finally treat the dry filter with Air Filter Fluid.
Quality level Dust and waterproof
Available in Cartons of 12×2 L and 6×5 L.
Barrels of 30, 60 and 208 L.
Application Cleaning product for all foam filters.